The Tempest Awards acknowledge the esports industry’s most innovative companies and executives, with categories that span production, marketing, talent and technology. Judged by key members of the esports community, these awards serve as North America’s top honors for the brands, the teams, the leagues, the players and the business leaders driving the competitive gaming industry today.

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From new tournaments and brand activations to venues and rising stars, the Tempest Awards covers all aspects of this rapidly expanding space.

Review Categories

Rising Stars

Recognizes esports professionals who are early in their careers (age 35 and under) and already driving the dollars and fostering innovation in the esports industry.

Esports Tournament of the Year

This category honors the best esports tournaments from the past year based on attendance, attendee engagement, and production. Awards will be given for local, national, and global tournaments.

New Tournament of the Year

Recognizes the best esports tournament held within the past year based on attendance, engagement, and production. Awards will be given for local, national, and global tournaments. Note: This category is similar to Esports Tournament of the Year. The difference is that this category is for new tournaments.

Brand of the Year

Honoring the brand with the best integrated esports activation spanning live and broadcast/online/social.

Esports Game of the Year

Honoring the game that grabbed the headlines and reset how competitive gaming flowed in 2018. Awards given in each of the following categories:
-Best Game
-Best New Game

Game Publisher of the Year

Honoring the company whose innovation, investment and engagement for its games drove esports to new heights.

Best Event Stream

Honoring a specific production that ran solely on digital channels, based on quality, reach and viewer engagement.

Streamer of the Year

Recognizing the individual who has made an impact on delivering content based on a combination of total followers, quality streams, social impact, and viewer growth.

Esports Team of the Year

Honors the team that best embraced its fans, invigorated sponsors and grew its global brand.

Ambassador Award for Personality of the Year

Recognizes the person who became the face for competitive gamers worldwide, as a caster/host/on-air personality in the past year, engaging audiences and bringing a professional spark as an ambassador for the industry

Venue of the Year

Recognizes the venue that best welcomed the gaming community and provided accommodations and facilities that enhanced the experience of players, organizers, sponsors, and fans.

Best Tech

Recognizes the new technologies that elevated the game, enhanced players’ experiences and/or evolved the viewing experience. Awards given in each of these categories: Best Hardware; Best Software.

Esports-themed Program (non-competitive)

This series (scripted or unscripted) went beyond the battles to create a terrific show dedicated to the world of esports.

Best Brand Activation

This award honors a specific activation from a brand, leveraging the power of gaming with effective promotions to create awareness and business impact.

Best TV Broadcast

Recognizing the outlet that delivered a fresh take on live competitive gaming, presenting a contest that was appealing, professional and fun to both hardcore and casual fans.

Best License & Merchandising Activation

Recognizes the most creative use of a logo, image or other asset in an esports platform to create a new take on a product.

Best Social Experience

Awarded to the company that best leveraged technology and social media to take their esports engagement experience to new heights. Awards given in the following categories:
– Teams
– Leagues
– Game Publishers
– Brands
– Venues

Executives of the Year

Recognizes the individuals who have distinguished themselves as leaders who by their efforts have made significant contributions to the growth of the esports industry. Accepting nominatinos from teams, leagues, game publishers, brands and venues.

Rules of Entry


The Tempest Awards are open to all individuals and teams worldwide including: networks, MSOs, teams, leagues, associations, universities, production companies/studios, producers, video game developers/producers, website developers, app developers/producers, licensing companies, marketing companies, PR firms, ad agencies, creative services teams, and developers. Vendors are also eligible to compete on behalf of clients. The program is open to national and international entrants. Multiple entries are accepted, and a single entry can be entered into more than one category. Campaigns must have launched or debuted between Aug. 1, 2017-July 31, 2018.

Entrants may submit as many campaigns into as many categories as they wish.

Judging Criteria

The numerical scorecard judges all entries on:
  • Originality & Creativity
  • Execution & Concept
  • Tactics
  • Overall Design & Presentation
  • Overall Impact
Winners will be announced live on October 2nd at the 2018 Esports Business Summit in Las Vegas.

Entry Requirements


Final Deadline: August 2, 2018

Entries are $475. Multiple entries are eligible for a discount of $50 for each additional entry.


Entering the Tempest Awards is even easier when you prepare your submission items in advance. See below for what you’ll need to have for each entry. Note: We suggest you save all entry content to a word document and then copy and paste from that doc into the Tempest entry system.
  • Submitter company information (the entering company’s name, address, etc.)
  • Primary entry contact (the point person for all entry details)
  • Brand-side client reference contact: name, title, phone, email (clients may be contacted by judges to confirm a specific detail or answer a question)
  • Answers to the entry questions (see below)
  • Hi-res brand logo (for the brand associated with the campaign)
  • Up to 6 photos (15 MB file size limit each)
  • Highly recommended: Campaign Recap Video (100 MB file size limit)


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The questions you’ll need to answer for each entry are listed below. We suggest that you make your answers as succinct as possible. Note that word limits are not the suggested length—they are the maximum allowable length for each answer. *Please note that questions vary for people/team based categories.
  • Campaign Run Dates
  • What was the background and objective of the overall campaign? (400 word max)
  • What were the primary objectives? (200 word max)
  • Who was the target audience? (100 word max)
  • Any other important factors that were meaningful to the success of the program? What was unique? What was wild and new? What technology was leveraged? (800 word max)
  • What were the results?  Please quantify and be as specific as possible.  (800 word max)
  • If the entry wins a Tempest Award, what actual companies should be listed on the trophy?
  • Make sure the full team/company/department/agency/client gets the winner’s announcement if you win. Upload an excel spreadsheet with all the client and agency email addresses you want to receive the winner’s announcement. Don’t be shy: We can accept up to 1,500 email addresses.


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We encourage you to submit up to 6 photos (15 MB upload limit each) and an entry recap video (100 MB upload limit and highly recommended). Acceptable file types: Brand Logo: ai, eps Campaign Images: jpg, jpeg, png Sizzle Video: mp4, mov, wmv


Should you have an inquiry about the categories, rules or eligibility of the Tempest Awards, please contact:

Cathy Pearson 203.899.8470